28 04, 2015

Turtle babies were born and back to the sea ! 海龟蛋孵化了和海龟宝宝回到海里!

By |April 28th, 2015|News|

26 Apr 2015,  one of the turtle nests hatched at 5:15pm. This is the nest collected by our turtle staff : Palson on 23 Feb. 2015年4月26日, 其中一个海龟蛋在下午5:15孵化。 这些海龟蛋是我们的海龟保护人员,Palson在2月23日拾取的。 10 of the green turtle babies were back to the sea supported by by our house guests from China, France and Malaysia. Some more baby [...]

31 12, 2011

Last Baby Turtles Release for year 2011

By |December 31st, 2011|News|

This evening, we released 13 more green baby turtle to the sea after 45 of them been released on the 27th December 2011. This is the last nest of the year 2011. Almost all in house guest involved in releasing the baby turtles. They were enjoyed to see the baby turtles race to [...]

27 12, 2011

Baby turtles of Kazu san & Tomoko san Born!

By |December 27th, 2011|News|

Last week on the 22nd Dec 2011, an adopted baby turtles of our heavy repeater guest Kazu san and Tomoko san were born. They start to come out around 11.40am but we release them in the afternoon around 5.30pm to reduce the predation attack. We placed them in a good condition, cold and [...]

11 10, 2011

Ms.Yi Lun from Taiwan

By |October 11th, 2011|News|

Ms.Yi Lun from Taiwan enjoyed her 1 week holidays with us. We found a big turtle swimming besides jetty at her arrival, it looks like the turtle welcoming her, also  she was lucky to see the baby turtles,too.  Yi Lun took an Open Water Course with our Instructor Eleonora, she is happy to discover the new world of underwater. 台湾からのイールンさんは1週間の休暇をポンポン島で過ごしたのよ。リゾート到着時は桟橋付近を泳ぐ大きな海亀を発見。まるでイールンさんへウェルカムのご挨拶をしているようだったわね。それに、ラッキーなことにリゾートで保護している海亀の巣からうまれた赤ちゃん海亀も見れたのよ。また、リゾートではインストラクターのエレオノラからオープンウォーターのダイビングライセンスも取得!水中世界という新しい体験と世界が広がって彼女もとってもうれしそうだったわ! [...]

25 09, 2011

Thank you Ronald

By |September 25th, 2011|News|

Ronald, a keen diver and underwater photographer, joined our Turtle Patrol last week and also was lucky enough to see the baby turtles being released. He has visited Pom Pom several times in the past and he has very kindly sponsored our latest Turtle Nest which will help us organise more patrols to protect our [...]

16 08, 2011

Thank you Turtle Sponsors!

By |August 16th, 2011|News|

Two very generous families have sponsored our Turtle Nests this week, both families were lucky enough to see the baby turtles released, the mother turtle laying the eggs and even during the snorkel trip turtles mating! We wanted to give them both a very big THANK YOU from everyone here at Pom Pom, we will [...]

15 08, 2011

August turtle season

By |August 15th, 2011|News|

This month has been really busy at the hatchery, we are patrolling every evening with our lovely guests, some have been very lucky and had turtles nesting outside their beach villas! Also this week, lots of baby turtles have been born, 3 nests in the last 3 days, yesterday was a Hawksbill turtle nest which [...]

11 01, 2011

First Baby Green Turtles of 2011

By |January 11th, 2011|News|

Last night on exactly 60 days, the first turtles of the New Year were born.  These were the eggs that Mario and Raimond found in November, and we put in the hatchery on the 11th of November.  It was a very good hatch again.  This time from 89 eggs, we had 81 baby Green turtles, [...]

19 12, 2010

Two more Turtle Nests Hatch tonight!

By |December 19th, 2010|News|

Just 10 minutes ago, 2 Green Turtle nests in our hatchery have just hatched out.  Very punctual tonight, as they were found on the same day, and the nests both hatched only a few minutes apart.  We saw the sand drop down in the first nest, not much happened for about 20 minutes, then suddenly, [...]

24 10, 2010

Thank you to Mr and Mrs Seymour

By |October 24th, 2010|News|

Mr Erik and Mrs Charlize very kindly sponsored 2 turtle nests recently, a green turtle and a hawksbill turtle nest on behalf of their many nieces and newphews.  They chose nests that were due to hatch quite shortly.  We are pleased to report that both nests have successfully hatched.  The first nest was a Green [...]

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