Situated surrounded by 7 islands, we are ideally located for all keen divers to explore our sites and search for famous rare species of fish and enjoy “Muck Diving”. By now it has become a challenge to see who can find the tiniest and most unusual sea creature, the fundamental of “Muck Diving”

At Pom Pom we enjoy relaxing dives searching for both coral fish and macro sea life. At the moment we have 20 sites all reachable by fast boat within approximately 15 to 25 minutes.

Islands at a glance:

  • Pom Pom
  • Mantabuan
  • Timba Timba
  • Bohaydulong (Sabah Marine Park)
  • Kalapuan
  • Batarua Reef
  • Mataking
  • Bohayan

Pom Pom ; Pulau Pom Pom

Mandarin Heaven

A macro-lovers paradise, which is easily accessible by boat, as well as from the jetty by giant stride entry. A gentle slope stretches down from the shallow plateau at 5m beyond 40m. This unique dive site combines the natural beauty of prominent coral heads playing hosts to Octopus, Hinge Beak Shrimps and many others, together with artificial structures playing host to Ghostpipefish sheltering Crinoids of all colors and Common and Zebra Lionfish.

The site, comprised predominantly of rubble and soft coral patches is home to some extraordinary Nudibranchs, with new ones being found on a regular basis, and also features two purpose placed tyre piles at 8m, which act as a great sanctuary for all manner of fish including Twin Spot Lionfish, Banded and Winged Pipefish, Trumpetfish, Leaf Scorpionfish and Stonefish. It doesn’t end here though, this dive site has yet more to offer, as the highly rare and sought after Mandarin Fish are waiting to be found amongst the Sea Urchins at 5m, and the shallows act as a haven to Turtles, Banded Sea Snakes and Robust Ghostpipefish!

Pit Rock

Sitting at the bottom of the buoy line at around 20m, Pit Rock is one not to miss at Pulau Pom Pom! Resting on the gradual rubble slope, this one area alone is host to a number of amazing creatures and is a firm favourite for visiting underwater photographers with Schools of Glass Fish swimming around. Macro-life engulfs the rock with several Leaf Scorpionfish, Hinge beak, Banded Boxer and Peacock Mantis Shrimps all over this small but bio-diverse area. Dive-able in all conditions with a sloping reef littered with Nudibranchs and resting Sea Turtles continuing both left and right shoulder, this dive is suitable for all levels of diver.

Northern Valley

As you descend, a shallow coral garden greets you sloping slowly downwards to well beyond 40m. This dive is more suited to experienced divers as the areas past 25m have the highest concentrations of coral and fish life, in combination with it being prone to strong currents, therefore making it a more challenging dive for the less experienced diver. Four large Gorgonians fans dominate the area at around 27m, sheltering Pygmy Seahorses for the diver with eyes keen enough to seek them out, whilst Trevally, Batfish and Fusilier schools provide the area with rich and diverse colour. Coming shallower, Octopus, Lionfish, Blue Spotted Stingrays and even Frogfish can be seen making this a very enjoyable dive for all.

New Life

Starting with a steep sloping wall upon your descent, covered in cracks, holes and ledges, New Life has plenty to offer in terms of marine life. As you swim further, the slope decreases and stretches out on a much flatter area covered in coral heads and many anemone strewn sand patches full of life. Especially good for juveniles species, Stonefish, Scorpionfish, Harlequin Sweetlips, Pinnate Batfish, Lionfish and all manner of crustaceans can be found here with ease. The area is also the perfect grounds for sleepy Turtles to rest and for Whip Corals and Sea Fans to stretch into the current and feed on the nutrient rich currents.


With a buoy line descending to around 18-20m, this dive is suitable for all levels of diver. Starting as a wall dive with stunning Fans and Whip Corals, and then becoming less steep on the rubble and sandy bottom, this is a lovely multilevel afternoon dive. With the reef reaching a plateau at 50m, there is plenty of life here, for macro lovers, Mandarin Fish jot the rubble bottom along with Nudibranchs, all manner of exciting shrimps and Flatworms. For those not interested in the small stuff, Turtles roam the whole site, huge Painted Spiney Lobsters (often in pairs) seek shelter in openings on the wall, Batfish, Sweetlips and Parrotfish are plentiful here too making this a dive for all tastes.

Magic Rocks

With all that Pom Pom has to offer in one dive site, Magic Rocks will suit any of our guests. With Gorgonian Sea Fans resting on a plateau at approximately 30m, many sand patches to seek out bottom dwellers like the Stargazer and hiding Stingrays, Rubble covered shallows sheltering Nudibranchs, tiny Frogfish, Mandarin Fish, Pipefish, Octopus and more, and of course the Magic Rocks themselves. There is a great deal to see at this dive site with Leaf Scorpionfish and Banded Boxer Shrimp crowding around the rocks along with Hinge Beak, Cleaner and Glass Shrimps. Stonefish, Scorpionfish, Pinnate Batfish and Lionfish can all be found here too making this a great multilevel dive to finish your days diving.

Mantabuan ; Pulau Mantabuan

Hanging Gardens

An amazing dive site, featuring a beautiful and rare Black Coral Garden between 22 and 35m, some pieces of which are over a metre in height, this dive site has been known to throw up Giant Frogfish, Sawblade Shrimps and all manner of crustaceans, amongst a vast number of schooling reef fish and bigger fish like Tuna and Rainbow Runners cruising past in the blue. This is a lovely dive that will suit both beginners and seasoned professionals alike.


This site offers pristine corals and an abundance of marine life, with schooling Moorish Idols and Bat Fish often spotted. Blue Spotted Stingrays can be seen is abundance, taking shelter under the numerous Table Corals, the amazing Frogfish can be seen patiently waiting to strike at its prey from the camouflage of Barrel Sponges and Staghorn Corals, and for the keen eyed diver, the beautiful Ghostpipefish can be seen hiding amongst Crinoids and rubble on the sea floor. A sloping reef down dropping down to 35m, with minimal current, this is a dive you should not miss!


With a maximum depth of around 15m, this makes a lovely second dive. Though currents can be strong here, stunning hard and soft corals play host to a wealth of marine life, from schools of Banner Fish to Stunning Nudibranchs, Graceful Green and Hawksbill Turtles to Cleaner Wrasse, this dive offers something for all divers, whatever your preference.

Drops Coral

A lovely dive suitable for all levels, with sandy patches where you can nudibranchs and gobies, alongside bombies with shrimps, scorpion fish and morays waiting to be found. There are some soft green and brown sponges worth checking out to see if any frog fish are hiding. Towards the end of the dive you can find some pretty areas of corals, with slow growing brain and cabbage corals. Sometimes shoals of barracuda and bumphead parrotfish can be seen.

Timba Timba ; Pulau Timba Timba

Jalan Jalan

Prone to some strong currents, Timba Timba offers fantastic drift diving. With Turtles (often more than 10 on a single dive), Bumphead Parrotfish, Trumpetfish and Barracuda in droves, Jalan Jalan is a great dive. Literally translated as “Go”, Jalan Jalan’s association with current is obvious, making this a dive for the more experienced diver unless conditions are more favourable.

Sweet Lips Table

Another drift dive, with depths passing 30m along a sloping wall. Sweetlips Table offers much the same as any other dive sites in the area, though also gives divers the opportunity to get close to Harlequin and Oriental Sweetlips, known to use this portion of the reef as their home. Encounters with nesting Titan Trigger Fish are common here also. Macro diving is also a possibility here with many different species prominent, though due to the areas association with strong currents, this is not always possible.

Sting Ray City

Yet more great drift diving is to be found here, with Blue Spotted Stingrays in high numbers, and many Green and Hawksbill Turtles swimming in the current as they go up for air. Macrolife is more prominent here, and sightings of Peacock Mantis Shrimps, Frogfish, Ornate Ghostpipefish and Leaf Scorpionfish in many spots throughout the dive have been reported. Better dove nearer high tide when the current is nearing turning point, this dive is easily accessible for all divers with beautiful hard corals in the shallows and a gradual slope stretching down past 30m for those wishing to venture a little deeper.

Kalapuan ; Pulau Kalapuan


An enjoyable wall dive, starting off with a slope then as the dive progresses reaching the wall, at all levels you can find nooks and crannies worth searching in for Boxer Shrimps, Dancing Gobies, Firedart Gobies, plus an abundance of nudibranches, peacock mantis, coral whip partner shrimps plus many other favourites.

Batarua Reef

Macro Mania

Got an underwater camera? Then make sure you have your battery fully charged as this is a photographers dream. With Hairy Squat Lobsters, many different kinds of Gobie, Pipefish, Orang-utan Crabs, Nudibranchs, Cuttlefish, Octopus, Flatworms, Frogfish, Partner Shrimp, Crabs and many more this is a dive not to miss out on for macro lovers!

Mataking ; Pulau Mataking

Deep Wall

Located at the North of the island, this dive is can be open to some strong currents. The shallows also offer great opportunities for macro life, with Ribbon Eels, Scorpion Leaf Fish and Cuttlefish ready to found! This is a dive suitable for more experienced divers.

Sweetlips Rock

A dive located near Pualau Mataking Kecil. A gentle wall down to around 18m, this dive site offers Nudibranchs, Flatworms and Shrimps for the macro lover, together with the site named Oriental Sweetlips that call this reef their home, Green Turtles can also be seen here amongst the shallows.

Postbox Wreck & Sipadan Mermaid Wreck

An artificial reef, purposefully sunk and sitting in around 22m of water, divers have found Lion fish, sightings of Shrimps, Scorpionfish, Jackfish and Moray Eels.

Pulau Bohayan

Pygmy Point

A deep dive of around 30m, often open to some very strong current, depending on the conditions this can be a challenging dive. The highlight of this dive site is the high number of beautiful and fragile Gorgonian Fans that are present here, reaching out into the current. The perfect environment for Pygmy Seahorses, sightings can be regular, though there is more to see here too. Pharaoh Cuttlefish, Leaf Scorpionfish, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Porcelain Crabs and Blue Spotted Sting Rays can all be seen in the shallow reef amongst some of the best coral in the area. Don’t forget to keep an eye in the blue too for the possible sighting of a passing Eagle Ray!

Lands End

A marker boy and chain marks our spot to begin the dive here, with the reef wall dropping down past 30m, covered in many small fans and anemones, and with stunning hard corals in the shallows, this is a beautiful dive. Open to some strong currents, this is great drift dive! Schools of Fusiliers can be seen patrolling the reef along with Big Fin Reef Squid, whilst Nudibranchs cover the reef along with many other macro species including the Giant Frogfish. A great opportunity to spot ocean dwelling fish such as Tuna exists here also, so don’t just keep your eyes focused on the wall!