Everyone likes to swim in pristine waters and be surrounded by coloured fish and amazing coral formations, but to maintain this beautiful reef, we need to monitor its health regularly!

reef check surveys

The monitoring and the assessment of the reefs are essential tools for management and can provide information to detect changes in condition that might trigger a management response, determine the cause of changes of concern, and evaluate the effectiveness of management actions.

Since 2016, we organise and conduct an annual survey of coral reefs around Pom Pom Island.

The data collected over time are sent to Reef Check Malaysia, an amazing organization working to preserve Malaysian Coral Reefs!

The data collected during the reef surveys are very important because reflect the changing status of coral reefs in Pom Pom and indicate what steps can be taken to conserve them.

This year, the reef check surveys have been conducted by our PADI instructors and Reef Check Malaysia Ecodivers, Oriana, Rayner and Miao, and with the special help of Massimo, our marine conservation intern. To monitor the health of coral reefs our ecodivers collect data about fish, invertebrates, type of substrate, as well as bleaching and impacts.

reef survey

Doing a Reef Check dive is completely different from doing a normal fun dive.

Ecodivers must be concentrated and disciplined! They need to have a very good buoyancy, to avoid damaging the reef and to collect good data and most of the time, they get to dive head down, feet up 🙂

During the survey, ecodivers get to see amazing marine life

reef survey

and sea turtles, are always included!

reef check survey

If you are ecodiver help us with reef check, send us a message here: oriana@pompomisland.com

If you are a certified diver and whish to become ecodiver, please contact Reef Check Malaysia here: ecoaction@reefcheck.org.my