A big thank you to our turtle sponsor Vivian for adopting a green turtle nest!

When we find a sea turtle nests we protect it!

On occasion, we need to relocate the nests. This could be because the eggs were laid too close to the water: if turtle eggs are often under water, they will not hatch. It could also be due to the location near a high traffic area (if many people walk on the nest, the eggs could be crushed), or to avoid the poaching.

When a sea turtle nest needs to be relocated, our conservation staff take great care to create a nest nearly identical to the original. Once all of the relevant nest data is collected (e.g. size and depth of the nest), they will move the eggs to our hatcheries.

They will then dig a nest that has the same measurements as the first nest. They will then, carefully, replace the eggs into the nest.

Then they will cover the nest with sand.

Finally, they will mark the nest with stakes and a sign warning visitors away from the nest.

Then it’s a 60-75 day wait for the hatching to begin.

Up to now, we have released more than 4000 baby turtles.

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*Sponsorship funds go towards conservation materials, turtle patrol guides, hatchery maintenance.

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