Pom Pom Dive Centre is a select, luxury dive centre specializing in offering a top quality service to you, our special scuba diving guests

We have small groups so that you don’t feel rushed or pressured and we ensure that everything is prepared and organized to make your scuba diving an easy, safe and fun diving experience. All you need to do is bring your sunglasses and sunscreen, and pull on your wet suit

Our professional Instructors and staff will assist you both above the water and below, guiding you and showing you our wonderful underwater life along with our amazing marine macro life

Learn to Dive

You have probably heard about diving at some point in your life, or watched it in movies and documentaries. Here at Pom Pom Island, our dive instructors are so enthusiastic about diving and marine life, we are sure that you will enjoy diving as much as we do.

The first time you breathe underwater, you open a door to a whole new world. It can be a little daunting at first, but with our patient and friendly instructors, you will soon learn how to dive and enjoy the sensation of freedom in a marine environment.

The underwater world is a different world compared to the surface, with marine life that you have never seen or heard about before. Every dive you will find something fresh and new to experience and enjoy.

There are many divers out there, professional, leisure or hobby, all having different reasons to dive, you can join them and the best part is, it’s fun!

PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

We are licensed PADI 5 Star Dive Resort (S-36482), and abide by PADI Standards and Procedures

If you have never tried Scuba Diving before, you can start by trying a Discover Scuba Dive, where you can enjoy your first underwater diving experience with a qualified PADI Dive Instructor

You can become a SCUBA DIVER in 2 or 3 days, or if you prefer you can become an OPEN WATER DIVER in 4 to 5 days


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Existing Divers

Our Services ; Different from the others

Our goal is to give you the best service possible and to make your diving experience truly unique and incredible. This is holiday diving at its best, the relaxing, easy way!

No Carrying of Heavy Dive Equipment

From the moment you arrive off the boat, we carry everything. We carefully take your dive equipment to our secure Gear Room, where a basket is designated for your belongings. At the end of the holiday, after being carefully washed and dried, we bring to your room so you can pack, then we transport it to the boat for transfer

No Carrying Dive Cylinders and Setting up of Equipment

We carry your dive cylinders for the day, weights, and equipment to the boat and set up your BCD and Regulator before you arrive. You just need to suit up, do your buddy checks and get in the water

Surface Intervals

During your surface interval, before the second morning dive, we provide you with towels and refreshments such as coffee, tea, biscuits, fruit and water

Island Stop Off

If the tides and weather permit, we will have our surface interval at one of the nearby islands for you to walk and explore

We Wash Your Equipment

When your diving is finished, we carefully wash your equipment in fresh water; it is then dried and then carefully stored in our secure Gear Room, ready for the next day

Macro Dive Experiences

Our Instructors specialize in Macro Life and are happy to help you find many interested and unique marine creatures and fish. We can also offer you NIGHT DIVES and DIVE COURSES

PADI Dive Courses

We are a PADI diving centre and can teach you to become a PADI Scuba Diver. We teach all courses from Open Water through to Dive Master.

If you are an Instructor and wish to use our facilities for your own students, please advise us beforehand of your requirements and we will attend to you and your students’ needs