7 12, 2009

Self Diving at Pom Pom

By |December 7th, 2009|News|

Self Diving at Jetty is popular among Japanese Divers after 3 boat dives. 3本目のボートダイブのあと、桟橋からのセルフダイビングが日本人ダイバーに人気です。 Guest start diving from the end of buoy... and then make their way back to the Jetty. Pom Pom's dive boat will be standing by at the Jetty, and is ready to give any assistance if needed. 浮標の最終地点より海中へエントリー。そこから桟橋へ戻るのが本日のセルフダイビング。 In Pom [...]

1 11, 2009

Fixed buoy line at Jetty

By |November 1st, 2009|News|

~Sally's Diary ~ Today at Pom Pom, we have fixed a second buoy line to the left-hand side of the jetty.  It was carefully planned to make sure that our snorkelling guests who want to see our wonderful sea life, don't stray too far or go into deep water.  It should also ensure that any [...]

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