18 12, 2015

Special event on 13 Dec / 12月13日特别活动

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We organized a special performance on 13 December and invited all guests for games and dancing together. The show was started with " Pom Pom Jewel Dancers " which is the new performance team conducted by Agnes, then continue to the acoustic band by " Achar Team " At the game sessions, guests were excited to win the prizes with many laughing [...]

13 12, 2015

Pom Pom Snorkeling Trip 邦邦浮潜行程

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At the Pom Pom Resort it is very convenient to make a boat trip to neighboring islands. Its just for 15 minutes trip by a speed boat to each islands for snorkeling, diving, trekking and picnic. On 11th December, the snorkeling team with the dive  instructor Rayner enjoyed snorkeling at Pandanan Island, it was fine weather with perfect [...]

8 12, 2015

Evening tour by Putri Pompom Liveaboard 邦邦公主号黄昏之旅

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At the Pom Pom Resort, we can find an unique experience of cruising by the liveaboard which is a phinisi wooden boat built in Indonesia. The evening tour is getting popular among our guests to find a beautiful sunset and enjoy a romantic moment. 在邦邦岛,可以体会由印尼建造的船宿巡航独特体验。 至今邦邦公主号黄昏之旅越来越受欢迎,客人在当中享受夕阳的美与爱人浪漫的时刻。    

20 11, 2015

Green Turtles were born on 16 Nov / 绿海龟在11月16号孵化啦!

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  84 of Green turtles born on 16 Nov afternoon. All were successfully back to the sea under the beautiful sunset. This nest is sponsor by Mr Wu Tao from China, we thank you very much for his kind consideration toward our conservation program. 出生于11月16日下午,共有84只小绿海龟 。在夕阳的照耀下成功地游回到美丽的大海。 这巢是由中国吴涛先生所赞助,我们非常感谢他支持我们的保育计划。谢谢你!  

10 11, 2015

Welcome back Mr An Chun Yang Group ! 欢迎杨先生和他的朋友再次到来!

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  Welcome back Mr An Chun  Yang group from JILIN,China ! Mr An Chun Yang back to Pom Pom since April in this year, he came back here with his family members.  In his last visit, he brought a group of photographer and make up team to make his wedding photo with his wife. [...]

6 11, 2015

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Kazunori san & Tomoko san 和徳先生与他妻子智子女士30周年结婚纪念日快乐!

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Happy 3oth Wedding Anniversary, Kazunori san & Tomoko san from Japan ! It is also the 5th times of their visit since the year of 2009 to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Many staffs with Cultural dancers and other house guests came to celebrate them and we dance together at the beach. Wishing you all the happiness and more [...]

5 11, 2015

Trip to Omadal Island 奥马丹岛之旅

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We visited Omadal Island located south west down from Pom Pom Island  for 45 minutes by speed boat. 我们参观了位于邦邦岛西南方向45分钟船程的Omadal岛。 There are three villages of Sea Gipsies "Bajau Laut"  stayed at the island..  Bajau Laut is originally a ethnic of nomadic who live on the sea and making their living from trading and fishing. At the Omadal [...]

4 11, 2015

Mr Nicola & Mrs Claudia from Italy 来自意大利的尼古拉先生和他太太克劳迪娅

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A friendly couple from Italy visited our resort and stayed with us for one week. As we used to learn some Italian words from italian guests, it helped us to make a communication with them in Italy and simple English. They also recorded and remember our staff names and everytime we see them they gave us a [...]

5 10, 2015

Green turtle nesting 绿海龟妈妈在产卵

By |October 5th, 2015|Categories: News|

    27 Sep 2015, a nesting green turtle was spotted at the beach in the evening. This mother turtle made a hole for her nest and laid many eggs there.. then she covered the nest hole with beach sand by her flippers.. After that she crawled down to the beach shore and went back to the sea. We relocated these [...]

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