Yesterday we have another batch of baby turtles hatching. This time its ­­­89 Hawksbill baby turtles turn to march towards the mighty ocean. Isn’t just too cute to see them taking their baby steps, one step after another…ready to conquer the world under sea despite being so small.

Also, massive thank you to Mr & Mrs Gallagher  for you generously offer to sponsor their nest. Because of that, now they are 1-day old baby turtles. Yeay!

Be safe precious babies~~ hoping to see you all in the next 20 year (I’m gonna be a grandma by then *sobbing). Don’t lost your way out there and remember! Here is home and we’ll always treat you as family.

Here in Pom-Pom Island, we make a home for all these turtles because every living creatures deserves to have a family, to have a home and to LIVE.


Posted by Siti