It is the peak period for turtle hatching,  53 baby turtles were born today and released to the sea safely.

For this nest, the first turtle came up around 3 pm and he started to sleep when he came out from the ground.. and then 2nd and 3rd turtles came up and they also started to sleep! They just put out their faces from the ground and their bodies were still in the sand, then closed their eyes and stop their movement… After 30 minutes  then  all of them woke up and came out from the nest one by one..

Our house guests were very excited to see these hatching and releasing scenes and many people took photos and video for their memories.

This turtle nest is sponsor by Mr & Mrs Pepper from USA and we thank you very much for your 2nd donation and kind support.


IMG_8031 IMG_8033

IMG_8048 IMG_8041