2 12, 2010

First Student

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Welcome and well done to Alexandra from Italy who has just joined us as our new Italian Dive Instructor for qualifying her first PADI open water student here at Pom Pom Island.  Alexandra speaks English and Italian and has previously worked as an Instructor in Italy so she is bringing a wealth of experience to [...]

29 11, 2010

Pictures from guest

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We received one parcel from Japan today. It is from our lovely repeater guest Mr.Kazu san & Mrs.Tomoko san, they sent pictures & DVD for us ! We were very happy to celebrate their wedding anniversary with cake made by Wasli & Sam.  Kazu san & Tomoko san also enjoyed diving with Dino, massage treatment by Agnes, took many [...]

29 11, 2010

Pasta Bar

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A new option for our lovely guests has been introduced by Philippe, and has proved to be very successful.  We now, on most evenings have a Pasta Bar manned by Wesley, where guests can enjoy freshly prepared pasta, pipping hot and "Al dente" prepared in front of them.   The pasta sauces vary day to day, [...]

29 11, 2010

Dolphins seen on last dive

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Yesterday afternoon after finishing our last dive at Pit Rock and returning back to the jetty with Pieter, we were lucky enough to witness dolphins jumping.  Not huge jumps but you could see there was quite a big group playing around.  We managed to get the boat quite close and tried to take some photos, [...]

24 11, 2010

Artificial Reef

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The first newly designed block in creating our new artificial reef entered that water yesterday evening.   With all the Dive Crew helping, the block was lowered into the sea and placed into position.  At this stage, it has gone into water slightly too deep for our purpose in replanting corals on to it, so over [...]

19 11, 2010

Artificial Reef

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At Pom Pom this week, we are starting our new artificial reef project.  This is going to be placed near the jetty and around the Pom Pom Island.  We are going to be replanting corals and looking to start new coral colonies to protect the fish and turtle life and to give them somewhere to [...]

18 11, 2010

Sabah Softwoods Berhad

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Last week we had a very special group of guests come to stay at Pom Pom Island Resort.  Our visitors were from Sabah Softwood Berhad, a very successful company based in Tawau.  There were here for a 3 day seminar in our Conference Room and came from all over Malaysia.   Full of energy and enthusiasm, [...]

18 11, 2010

Reef exploration

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We are continuing on our quest to find new dive sites for our diving guests to explore.  We have discovered a new reef close to Bohadulong Island which starts at a depth of 12 metres and is in excellent condition.  The reef steps down in stages,starting at 12 metres, then 15, 18 and 30 plus, [...]

16 11, 2010

Winter Promotion at Pom Pom

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Why not escape the Winter blues and come to Pom Pom for a relaxing break in the sunshine!  We have made a special promotion for our lovely guests to visit  during November to March, you can check out the full details and prices on our website on the Reservations Page.    We look forward to seeing [...]

13 11, 2010

Mario and Raimond find 89 green turtle eggs.

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Yesterday, Mario taking a stroll along the beach when he found some fresh green turtle tracks so we called Raimond, our turtle egg expert and started the hunt to find where she had laid her eggs.  She had tried in several different places, and in the end had laid her eggs under some trees in [...]

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