Last night on exactly 60 days, the first turtles of the New Year were born.  These were the eggs that Mario and Raimond found in November, and we put in the hatchery on the 11th of November.  It was a very good hatch again.  This time from 89 eggs, we had 81 baby Green turtles, so well done again to the boys.  All released safely with our special guests from Russian, Canada and China watching their release into the sea.    We would like to say a very big Thank You to our sponsors over 2010 who have helped make this possible.  For 2011, we are planning another Hatchery to run alongside our current Hatchery, more training to our Turtle Patrol, plus we are in the process of rebuilding our coral reef and replanting corals.  This will help the turtles with food and shelter.