Yesterday morning we successful deployed our Coral Frame No.2 at Pom Pom Housereef. Yeay! It is ready for planting.

Ready for planting, waiting for coral adopter!

Now we open to everybody to adopt a coral to place on the Coral Frame No. 2. Anybody interested can contact me directly via email at [email protected]

Apart of that, I would like to thank to all crew that involved directly or indirectly in successful this Coral Frame No.2. Much appreciation to our Managing Director, Mr. Peter Loong for approving & supporting our Coral Restoration Project, Mr. Sebastian Thomas for the informative consultation, Mr. Peter Chung & Rusyidi for the kind support in preparing the coral frame, all Dive Centre staff; Ferdinando, Rayner Petrus, Ron Freddy, Eleonora, Michele, Capt. Haris, Capt. Roberto, Capt. Asli, Oliver, Yan & many others, the Management; Carla and Chiemi san and all the guest that support our Conservation & Restoration Program. Thank you very much once again from me on behalf Conservation Department.

Planning the Coral Frame Design

Welding the metal to create the coral frame

Apply resin to cover the metal










Covered the metal surface by sand to create more natural substrate

The Coral Frame No.2 ready to deploy!

Dive crew helping arrange the frame











Start to deploy the frame

Going down..

1, 2, 3.. Hit!










Ready for planting, waiting for coral adopter!

Looking forward for ‘Coral Adopter’. YOU can be the Mummy & Daddy of the Corals!