World Sea Turtle Day on 16th June been observed throughout the world to celebrate the unique and importance of sea turtles (WWF-Malaysia, 2012). We here in Pom Pom Island Resort celebrate it by co-organized the Sea Turtle Camp 2012 which been organized by WWF-Malaysia.

Thank you to WWF-Malaysia because invite us to be the co-organizer of this big event. This two-days-one-night Sea Turtle Camp participated by three different local school; School of Hope, Mabul Island (SoH), Persatuan Kebajikan Pendidikan Kanak-Kanak Miskin (PKPKM) and Humana, Semporna which selected to implement the Marine Environmental Educational Module (MEEM) which been prepared by WWF-Malaysia in 2011.

After registration and briefing, they directly set up tents at the back of the Dive Centre. Then get to know each other by the ‘Ice Breaking Session’. After get to know each other, Gavin Jolis, Species Officer (WWF-Malaysia) give a presentation titled ‘Let’s get to know Turtle Yeye!’ followed by a presentation titled ‘Pom Pom Corals and Fishes’ by Melissa Mangalis the Marine Biologist of Pom Pom Island Resort. The kids enjoyed the attractive presentation by both of the presenters. After Lunch, program followed by turtle sand art that which one of the activity under MEEM and 9 station games ‘Life Cycle of Sea Turtles’. They learnt and understand very fast the life cycle of the Sea Turtle and threats that faced by the Sea Turtle such as drifted woods and trashes along the beach, egg poaching, Sea Turtle predators and etc.

Set up tents

During night time, after group discussions for the special turtle performance and turtle pledge reading on the 17th June morning, Melissa present ‘Turtle Status in Pom Pom’, sharing the turtle landing and nesting data in Pom Pom Island  for year 2010 until 2012, which species landed, the main threats and few efforts that can help to save the turtles. Other than that we have special surprise brought by Pom Pom Island Resort; the Turtle Cake! We also did the signing petition for World Sea Turtle Day 2012 Celebration.

World Sea Turtle Day Celebration

Special: Turtle cake

Signing petition


On the second day of the Sea Turtle Camp, the day started with Special Turtle Performance by the 3 different schools followed by pledge reading. The performance was great with their turtle costume. Our in house guest did enjoy their mesmerize performance. The pledge reading as well full of meaning whereas they pledge to save the turtles and other marine life as well the mother nature before it is too late. They are well motivated by the MEEM and other efforts that been brought to them.

Turtle Performance by the participants

Souvenir from WWF-Malaysia and Pom Pom Island Resort

The end of the day, closing speech given by Pom Pom Island Resort representative and small souvenir been given as remembrance from WWF-Malaysia and Pom Pom Island Resort.

Yeay!! We are Turtle Saviour!

Yeay!! We are Turtle Saviours!