Do you already have a plan for your Chirstmas??

We will have special things at Pom Pom Resort ! oops,this is still secret….hehehe

Now we are going to prepare the things….just finished decorating christmas trees,and now we start to display the decorations in the restaurant.



decorating christmas tree

decorating christmas tree

Our check out guest today is the Family from Tawau,local.

The Family enjoyed snorkeling,and volley ball game,weather also fine here…and…..

Sea Turtles were hatched from the eggs in this morning near the Dive Centre…!!! so  they could see the baby turtles just were born a few hours ago…(^O^) I will write this baby turtle topic on the next time☆I think they got a nice  memories of the family trip!



And,Here is the Group Picture~


3,2,1.....Pom Po~m ♪ ☆

3,2,1.....Pom Po~m ♪ ☆