10 02, 2016

Happy Chinese New Year 2016 / 2016农历新年快乐

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GONG XI FA CAI 2016 !!!   Many Tourist from China stayed with us to spend Chinese New Year here at Pom Pom Resort. At the event of "Lucky Draw" on New Year Eve of 7th February, Bonus gifts were given to the " lucky guests " such as free massage, free diving, free one bottle of [...]

30 01, 2016

Cultural dance performance 29 January 2016

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As there are lots of different races in Malaysia, there are also different kinds of local dance. In order to let guests experience wonderful local culture, our resort provides local dance performance at dinner time. Staff puts on colorful costumes and dances with music. After 3 pieces of dance, guests all join staff, dancing and [...]

12 01, 2016

Trekking Trip for Giovannelli Group !

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Giovannelli Group 16 pax from Italy, they made the trekking trip to Boheydulong Island. The trekking road is well arranged so it's easy and relax walking to find and observe the local trees and tropical vegetation. If your are lucky you can witness a group of wild monkeys. It's really a fun to make a trip with many [...]

7 01, 2016

Snorkeling trip to Mantabuan Island / Mantabuan岛浮潜之旅

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Giovannelli Group 16 pax from Italy enjoyed their private trip to Mantabuan Island for snorkeling. Mantabuan Island has been the designated conservation area by Sabah Park under the government. Therefore all the visitors are required to register their names at the sabah park office in advance. Mantabuan Island is surrounded by  the white sandy beach with blue turquoise color sea, you can enjoy obeserving a precious marine life [...]

2 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016 / 2016 新年快乐!

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 Happy New Year 2016 from Pom Pom Island Resort ! 邦邦岛度假村祝大家新年快乐!   New Year Eve Party was started with Sangria Cocktail session, BBQ was served with grilled whole lamb and ice carving decorations were displayed at the restaurant. 跨年派对先从桑格利亚鸡尾酒开始,还有整只肥美的羊及冰雕装饰都在餐厅准备好了。   The staff performance teams were specially organized for this day, Mosia with Cultural Dancers, Agnes with [...]

24 12, 2015

Trip to Boheydulong Island on 23 Dec 2015 珍珠岛爬山记

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Trekking trip to Boheydulong Island on 23 Dec was relaxing as it was in the small group so the guests could climb the hill slowly and enjoyed their private time with their partner and family. Luckily they saw some wild monkeys on trees which is rare to see at this island. 今天12月23号,我们去了珍珠岛爬山,也因为人数少,所以可以慢慢的爬 慢慢的享受爬山的乐趣。 和父母和孩子和伴侣一起完成这600米的山。 也很幸运的看见了树林里少见的猴子。      

18 12, 2015

Special event on 13 Dec / 12月13日特别活动

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We organized a special performance on 13 December and invited all guests for games and dancing together. The show was started with " Pom Pom Jewel Dancers " which is the new performance team conducted by Agnes, then continue to the acoustic band by " Achar Team " At the game sessions, guests were excited to win the prizes with many laughing [...]

13 12, 2015

Pom Pom Snorkeling Trip 邦邦浮潜行程

By |December 13th, 2015|Categories: News|

At the Pom Pom Resort it is very convenient to make a boat trip to neighboring islands. Its just for 15 minutes trip by a speed boat to each islands for snorkeling, diving, trekking and picnic. On 11th December, the snorkeling team with the dive  instructor Rayner enjoyed snorkeling at Pandanan Island, it was fine weather with perfect [...]

8 12, 2015

Evening tour by Putri Pompom Liveaboard 邦邦公主号黄昏之旅

By |December 8th, 2015|Categories: News|

At the Pom Pom Resort, we can find an unique experience of cruising by the liveaboard which is a phinisi wooden boat built in Indonesia. The evening tour is getting popular among our guests to find a beautiful sunset and enjoy a romantic moment. 在邦邦岛,可以体会由印尼建造的船宿巡航独特体验。 至今邦邦公主号黄昏之旅越来越受欢迎,客人在当中享受夕阳的美与爱人浪漫的时刻。    

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