~Sally's Diary~ On a recent dive at New Life, Pom Pom Island, one of our diving guests, Hisa san and myself found a very interesting crab. Hisa san has taken a photo and we are currently trying to ID it through our books. If anyone has any idea what crab it is please let us [...]

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Turtle breeding season has started !

30.April 10:30pm...suddenly  I got a call to my walkie talkie......That was the news from Raymond & Shafiq to inform me that they found turtle eggs ! Raymond & Shafiq brought the eggs to hatchery beside  the restaurant, Andy digged the hole and Raymond put the eggs carefully in the hole and covered by sand.  94 eggs were collected in that night,and it seems [...]

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Underwater camera lesson

~Sally's Diary~ Andy had his work cut out this afternoon with some terrible students...  Carla and Sally needed to have a underwater camera lesson to get the best out of our cameras and make better pictures.  There were many things to remember, now we just have to get it right for our homework tomorrow underwater [...]

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Rinoh found turtle eggs

~Sally's Diary~ Today, Rinoh found Green Turtle Eggs for our hatchery!!!  Everyone was really excited, we showed Rinoh and Raymond how to correctly rebury the eggs as the mother turtle would have done.  Now its time to wait for about 45 - 60 days for our new babies!  This nest is available for adoption, please [...]

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Repeater Guest

~Michelle's Diary~ Everyone at Pom Pom wanted to say a warm WELCOME BACK to our repeat guest family of Mr.Mahathir. They thoroughly enjoyed their holiday here, and the children were very interested in our Conversation Board. At the end of their holiday, they brought some of our T-shirts to show their support of our Resort [...]

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Videos videos! & Facebook Update

Some videos for viewing ;) Blue Ribbon Eel [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiBnU7_WxHY[/youtube] Juvenile fishes [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXh-SPy9ij8[/youtube] An assortment of turtle videos + the famous scratch scene nearing the end [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M_f_LG0riI[/youtube] Latest Update from Facebook Like/Fan page: We've reached over 200 likes/fans! Other updates: Gallery - Underwater section added to the Blog (can be found at the top, or by [...]

Frogfish find at Timba Timba

~Michelle's Diary~ During a diving trip to Timba Timba at about 9meters Michelle found a baby Orange giant frog fish.  Very delighted with her find but having no camera she marked the place and surfaced to borrow a camera so she could capture an image for the blog. ~ミッシェルの日記~ ティンバティンバ島でダイビング中、深度9メートル地点でオレンジ・ジャイアントフロッグフィッシュ(カエルアンコウ)の赤ちゃんを見つけたの!ほんと小さくてチョ~かわいいんだから!見つけたときはとってもうれしかったわ。でもあいにくカメラを持ってなかったので場所をしっかり覚えて海面へいったん浮上、スタッフにカメラを借りて再度海中へ。ブログ用に写真を撮ってきたわ☆

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