~Sally's Diary~ This afternoon, on the 3rd dive, Sayoko san with Sally was lucky enough to see Mandarin fish kissing!!!  This is part of their mating ritual, and quite rare to see.  We watched them for about 15 minutes and in total saw 7 close up.  A very nice afternoon show. ~サリーの日記~ 今日の午後のダイビングでのこと。。サヨコさんとダイビング中にニシキテグリが向かい合ってチュッとKissするところが見れたのよ!これは交接シーンの一部でもあるのだけど、なかなか簡単には見られないのよ。サヨコさんとふたりでその場に留まって15分ほど観察。。合計7匹のニシキテグリを確認できたわ。とてもステキなアフタヌーンショーになったわね! [...]

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~Sally's Diary~ 28.February Yunus is impressing our guests with his turtle walks.  Most evenings, weather and tide permitting, we make turtle patrols around our island.  Our guests are very welcome to join us and see if they are lucky enough to find a female turtle looking to lay her eggs.  It is very important not to [...]

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~Sally's Diary~ On the 23rd of February, we hosted the WWF Adessium meeting on behalf of Gavin Jolis, the meeting was attended by Dato Panglima and his daugher, Nino Ho, WWF, Jan Versteegh WWF Netherlands, Ken Kassem, (WWF),Dr Arun Venkataraman, WWF Malaysia, Sharon Ng Lay Har, WWF Malaysia, Angela Lim Lee Hee, WWF Malaysia , [...]

Sally’s parents visited Pom Pom !

~Sally's Diary~ Sally has been very happy this week, as my parents have been able to travel to Sipadan Pom Pom Island and see where I work on our lovely island.  The weather has been really good, nice sunny days with a soft sea breeze, we went snorkelling to Mantabuan and saw many types of [...]

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