Last week has been particularly full of events here in Pom Pom…

We started the first day of the turtle week, with 65 green hatchlings…released into the sea around 9:00 pm!

On the second day of the “turtle week”, during the beach cleaning, a small green turtle with floater syndrome was found around the island.

More and more turtles are suffering from the floater syndrome, a condition that inhibits them from diving for food or protection caused by ingesting plastic. When the reptile swallow plastics, it become stuck in their digestive tract. The ingested plastic creates build-up of gas in the turtle’s system causing them to float!

That was a sign!

Everybody could understand why it’s important to do beach and reef cleanings … that day, we collected more than 60 kg rubbish (mostly plastic)!

During the week we met Andrew and Lydia, an amazing, active, generous and funny couple, loving the sea and sea turtles!

We enjoy coral planting together, and the snorkelling with the turtles…in a lucky day, we saw some green and hawksbill turtles swimming very close to the jetty area ? ?

Andy and Lydia helped us in increasing our turtle ID…. We have now 5 more turtles in list: a big welcome to Lily, Annie, J, Biddy and Kathryn!!

At the end of their stay, the donated money to help our current patients!

Finally, a few days ago, a big green turtle came to visit us at the sunset bar, laying 123 eggs ? Eggs are now safely relocated in our hatchery, and the nest is available for adoption!

We hope to see you again! Thanks for your energy ?