How often do we get the opportunity to witness sea turtles nesting on the beach rather than to watch it on the idiot box?

With our Turtle Conservation Team, you have that chance and it will probably be the best thing you have ever experienced so far! Pom Pom Island is one of the most important nesting sites for both green and hawksbill turtles in the area…they mostly nest during the night!

During patrolling duties, we need to watch out for turtle tracks on the beach, in low light condition.

Last night, we ventured out to the beach with low expectations on sighting any turtles. All doubts were put to rest when we spotted long drag marks on the beach. We started to hear faint sand digging noises…a huge green turtle was already in “body/pitting” mode…

We successfully relocated 92 eggs in our hatchery…and now a new nest is available for sponsorship!

Help us to protect these amazing reptiles and sponsor our conservation team!

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