Thank you to ‘The Bruni Family’

Many thanks to ‘the BRUNI family’ from Singapore.

On the 2nd August 2012, there is one huge female Green turtle coming up to laying eggs on Pom Pom beach. She had been found by 1 kind family from Australia. She is a huge Green Turtle with the tags BJ 0629 & BJ 0630. Her last visit to Pom Pom is on the 22nd July 2012 and laid 111 eggs.

This kind family adopts this Green Turtle and named it ‘SOPHIA’.. Not only the turtle they adopt but also the nest of the turtle that been incubating at our Turtle hatchery.

We will keep update to you about your adopted nest & adopted turtle.

Thank you for your kind in supporting our turtle conservation effort here in Pom Pom!

Congratulations! You made a difference!

The Bruni Family

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