Thank you for Adopting the Corals!

On the 1st of August 2012, 1 lovely family from Singapore participate the Coral Adoption Program (Mr. Malcolm, Mrs. Teresa, Jessica, Gabrielle and Robecca). They adopted 2o corals in total with 4 coral each of them. They planted the coral on the Frame no. 2.

The Harrow Family!

Eventhough in the morning the wave were quite rough, it not stopping us to planting the corals on Pom Pom Housereef.

We started with small briefing about the dive site and how to planting the corals. After that, then we gear up and heading the coral frame no.2

They were very good underwater planting the corals. They’re planting very fast with the right technique. Congratulations to each of them.

Mr. Malcolm planting the corals

They named their coral each of it, Bernie, Amelia, Ellen, Eugene, Sienne, Aquamarine,Zebedee, Jack, Havana, Brooke, Angel, Squidgy,Rose, Janet, Helen, Kezia, Mary, Steve, Rolo & Twix. Hopefully the corals will grow healthier in our Coral frame no. 2.

Thank you once more for supporting our Conservation & Restoration Program in Pom Pom. We will keep updating the corals every 6 months.

Mrs. Teresa with her corals

Mr. Malcolm with his corals



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