Months of July & August gonna busy with Turtle Nesting & Baby Turtle born

Here were are in month of July & coming month of August the months of busy for mother Turtle laying eggs and new baby turtle born from our hatchery.

Just last week, we are very busy with baby turtles born from our hatchery. 4 nests release baby turtle back to the sea with 1 of them hawksbill turtle nest and the rest green turtle nest.

Green baby turtles!

Hawksbill baby turtles!

Race back to the sea. Good luck!

Apart of that, our trained turtle patrollers kind of hectic for mother turtle come to pom pom beach for laying their eggs.

Moreover, there is a lots of turtle surrounding pom pom water swim around and feeding on the seagrasses just in front of the resort.

Its a season of Turtle here in Pom Pom!


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