The first newly designed block in creating our new artificial reef entered that water yesterday evening.   With all the Dive Crew helping, the block was lowered into the sea and placed into position.  At this stage, it has gone into water slightly too deep for our purpose in replanting corals on to it, so over the next few days we will be looking to relocate it a little higher on the wall.


Harris, Dino, Kadir, Mario and Peter moving the block to the trolley.


From the trolley to the crane. ブルトーザーで台車から引き上げ。。。

From the crane to the raft. それからイカダへ移動。

On the way! 出発、投下ポイントへ移動!

Descending to its resting place, (a little faster than anticipated!).


Not quite the final resting place, as we will be moving it a little shallower, but number 1 is in the water!!! 予定していた位置から少しずれてしまったので後日もう少し浅場へ動かす予定。だけど、新・人工リーフ第一弾設置完了!!!