At Pom Pom this week, we are starting our new artificial reef project.  This is going to be placed near the jetty and around the Pom Pom Island.  We are going to be replanting corals and looking to start new coral colonies to protect the fish and turtle life and to give them somewhere to feed and shelter.  Peter Chung and Iman have started building the first cube designed by Philippe.  As you can see, it is made with concrete and has holes for fish shelter, it will also allow us to attach corals so they can start growing.

ポンポンでは今週、新・人工リーフプロジェクトをスタート。この人工リーフはポンポン島周辺及び桟橋付近に設置予定。人工リーフの設置は珊瑚の増殖が目的。珊瑚が増えれば魚や海亀の餌場にもなるからマリンライフ保護にもなるのよ。 スタッフのピーターとエマンがフィリップがデザインした最初のリーフ造りにとりかかったわ。写真でも分かるようにリーフはコンクリートで造形。魚の棲み家になるようところどころに穴も作ってあるわ。それにこのリーフには珊瑚も殖産できるのよ。

The cube designed with holes for fish and coral

The cement going in.

The first cube finished by Peter and Iman!  Well done guys!

We will keep you posted when it is placed into the sea.