Welcome back Mr and Mrs Fuji san!

Mr and Mrs Fuji san have very kindly made a showcase of the underwater photos they have taken at Pom Pom Island Resort.  Probably our most well known and loved guests, they have  visited Pom Pom Island Resort many times before.  They have made a website showing the macro creatures and corals that they have found here on their previous dives which is well worth a view.  They have very generously allowed us to link from our Pom Pom website to theirs, so you can see for yourself.  The link to their site is http://gallery.f-web.jp/

リピーターゲストでもあり、そして私達ポンポンリゾート誰もが知る有名人、藤井さんご夫婦。藤井さんがご自身のホームページでポンポンリゾートの写真を紹介してくださっているのよ。どの写真も一見の価値アリ。私達のブログのlink登録にも快く応じてくださったわ。藤井さんのHPはこちらから→ http://gallery.f-web.jp/

Mr Fuji san is a very experienced underwater photographer, and enjoys searching and taking pictures of the amazing marine life of the seas.  His lovely wife, helps with spotting marine creatures and assisting with the cameras.   We are very pleased to know that they are coming here very soon, and look forward to finding new dive sites for them to experience.

Welcome back Mr and Mrs Fuji san



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