Wow, our divers had an amazing second dive today at Pandanan Island Reef.  After their surface interval, they started the second dive as usual along the back wall at Pandanan, about half way during the dive, Ron, our Dive Master saw a Manta Ray approaching from the blue, he started rapping his tank to get everyone’s attention so that all the divers could see the Ray.  Orion, one of our experienced divers was able to get a photo as it swam past which we have including here, thanks Orion, hard shot as only a little time to take it.

ワ~ォ! パンダナン島のリーフでダイビングチームはラッキーな瞬間を目撃。1本目のあと休憩をとり、いつものように2本目ダイビングをウォール沿いに開始、ダイビングも中盤にさしかかったところ。。。ダイブマスターのロンがなんとマンタがこちらに近づいてくるのを発見!ロンがタンクを鳴らしてみんなに知らせ、全員がマンタを見れたのよ!ほんの一瞬の出来事だったけれども、経験豊富なダイバーゲスト・オリオンさんがダイバーチームのそばを泳いでいくマンタの撮影に成功。ありがとう、オリオンさん!

Manta Ray Spotted!