~Sally’s Diary~
After spending my annual holiday back in the UK, its great to return to Pom Pom. I enjoying seeing my family and catching up with friends, and it was lovely to finally eat a full English Sunday lunch, roast beef and potatoes with Yorkshire puddings. But I have to say, it is great to be back in the sunshine and warm weather in Malaysia.

While I was in England, I attended the LIDS London Dive Show at the Excel Building to present Pom Pom Island Resort for the first time to the British public. It was very exciting, and great to make lots of new contacts. Everyone loved looking through our photos and brochures, most of the people I met were divers and so were very interested in what interesting creatures they can find in Malaysia. Luckily I had lots of macro pictures taken here at Pom Pom so I hope that this will encourage lots of new visitors to come to Pom Pom Island Resort and experience our wonderful island and diving for themselves.,

UKでの休暇からポンポン島に帰ってきました。暖かいマレーシアに帰ってこれて嬉しいわ。UKでは久しぶりに家族や友達にも会えたし、それにfull English Sunday lunchも楽しんだわ。ローストビーフにポテトでしょー、それにヨークシャープリン!

イギリスにいる間にね、ロンドンのエクセルビルで開催されたLIDS London Dive Showにリゾート代表で出席してきたのよ。来場者のほとんどがダイバーで、ブースに訪れたお客様はマレーシアで見られる海中生物に興味深々。ポンポンの写真やカタログを熱心に見ていたわ。ポンポンで撮影したマクロ生物の写真もたくさん持って行ってよかったわ。このダイブショーではたくさんのプレス関係者や一般来場者にポンポンを紹介できたし、これを機にたくさんの人がポンポン島に訪れてダイビングを楽しんでくれるといいわね!