25 09, 2010

Mmmm, freshly made crepes for dinner last night!

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Mitri must be the most popular person at Pom Pom Island Resort, he is our wonderful pastry chef who makes the cakes, pastries, breads and sweet desserts for our guests.  Last night for dinner he prepared freshly made crepes with apple and cinnamon fillings, with a choice of sauces such as chocolate and cream with [...]

23 09, 2010

New Turtle Sponsors

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We want to give a big thank you to families Belkadi and Pasek, who have very kindly sponsored our latest turtle nest.  They have nominated their nephews and nieces as the adopted parents for the baby turtles.  So thank you to Arthur, Camil, Clement, Jules, Leima, Leo Lise and Lucie.  We will let you all [...]

18 09, 2010

Photo Shoot at Pom Pom

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Photo time at Pom Pom yesterday and today.  Tatiana is improving the services and treatments of the Yin Yang Massage therapy centre and is preparing some new brochures plus  additions for the website. Yesterday, on the beach we set up a massage bed and some of our lovely guests allowed us to photograph them whilst [...]

15 09, 2010

Welcome back Japanese Guests

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We want to give a warm welcome back to our repeat Japanese Guests,  Hiro san and Aki san, plus Taeko san and Kotomi san with their friend Kyoko san.  They came to visit us at Pom Pom Island for the first time a year ago, and we are delighted to see that they have returned [...]

13 09, 2010

Wedding at Pom Pom

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  Yesterday, the 12th of September 2010, at Pom Pom Island we were delighted to witness the Wedding of Michael and Christina on the beach shaded by our tropical trees with Pastor Chok Fui Lin. Christina wanted to chose a different and unique setting for this very important day, and we wanted to give the [...]

4 09, 2010


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Thomas has been showing our new wine cellar in our restuarant to our guests.  Well, its not a dark and damp wine cellar underground, instead we have built a air conditioned show room where you can browse through our wines, knowing that they have been kept at the correct temperatures. We have a selection of [...]

2 09, 2010

Egg Station

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No, not for turtles this time!  This is a new breakfast service for our guests.  Our kitchen staff take it in turns each morning to prepare your eggs freshly for breakfast exactly how you want them. エッグ・ステーション 今回は海亀の話じゃないわよ!(笑)新しく始めた朝食サービスのお知らせでーす。キッチンスタッフが毎朝日替わりであなたの朝食エッグをご用意!朝食時にぜひスタッフへリクエストしてください。  You can choose from omelette, scrambled eggs, poached and fried eggs plus more.  Wasli was busy this morning [...]

31 08, 2010

Baby Turtle Release

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After waiting up several nights in a row and checking on our hatchery, our baby Hawksbill Turtles decided to be born at 11am in the morning.... Mother Nature cannot be predicted! We released them all into the sea with our diving guests watching, a very lovely experience, and quite a busy one, as there were [...]

27 08, 2010

Yin Yang Centre

By |August 27th, 2010|Categories: News|

We have some lovely new treatments for our guests at Pom Pom Island Resort. At our Yin Yang Wellness Centre, we have a Coconut Body Scrub which involves applying the fresh coconut paste over the body. Whilst the paste is applied over the body, we give a gentle head massage to relax and release tension. [...]

25 08, 2010

Coconut Crab

By |August 25th, 2010|Categories: News|

Our turtle patrol found something interesting the other night, normally its turtles but 2 nights ago they found a baby coconut crab near the beach.  When the coconut crab is younger it uses a shell or coconut husk to protect its body, as it grows older, its body hardens to provide it with protection.  These [...]

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