Hello! Hi!

Who said cleaning can’t be fun? Of course, anything can be done in fun ways.


We started our beach cleaning at 5pm and this is our crowd…at the beginning. Smiling face blooming all over the picture…


We cleaned the beach from B16 until the other end. Everything get cleaned up, nothing get left behind. The very very small plastic, broken pieces of polystyrene and small cut of ropes were wiped away. They got no chance to inhabit our island. Muahahahhaha~~


Then, suddenly…new forces come to the rescue. Thank you guys!


And of course, this one can’t be missed. This cutie pie~~ with his daddy. Even this little one here knows how to pick up some trash..Good job little one!


Mmmm~~~Guys?? We came to picked up trash..remember?? Shoosshh~~ Dismissed everyone! Hahahaha


Why in the world we looked so happy in this picture? Well, of course… because we caught the majestic trash of them all. Plastic bottle! Helloo~~ This thing didn’t decompose even after buried hundreds of years..

img_7624 img_7664








Last station. Our beach cleaning will be over soon.

At the very least.. a group picture together! Yeay! Another good deeds done today..


Till next time~~~See ya!