Hello! It’s been awhile… *bigHug

This time around, I’m going to talk about how we spend an ordinary evening in PomPom island.

Thus, let’s us keep scrolling down…till the end.


Hah! Of course…the most obvious one…taking a selfie! It’s time to change display picture on Facebook..and updating Instagram, isn’t it? *wink

img_7474 img_7472








Guys..where are we??? Exactly! We’re on the island…most fairest, beautiful island of them all. And we’re surrounded by water all over…

You can always play in the shallow water with life jacket. Remember! With life jacket.


Like this!  Mother teach her son to swim…Not wanting him to miss all the fun.


Also you can go kayaking… surrounding the island. Everyday is a perfect day to go for kayaking.


And ohhh..you can go cycling too… this kids definitely how to enjoy himself. Cycling is the perfect natural remedies to wash away stuffiness! You know, that thing that makes our chest felt heavy and full..

img_7404 img_7536








Or else you can enjoy your evening..hanging out at the beach with family and friends. No time wasted with great companion, isn’t it? It’s bonding time…

img_7487 img_7484


Uh ohhh…now, what do we have here? A wedding photoshoot!!!

Truth to be told.. our island is the perfect canvas for any kind of photoshoot especially the most special and meaningful of them all…a wedding!

I mean.. look at them! Just like Snow White and her Prince Charming..Awww~~~Sincerely wishing you both a Happily ever after.


Till next time~~See ya! *smooch