To be in tourism industry, friends, are what we make every day. There is no such joy compares with encountering friends who share the same dreams and compassion, or to just sit down and talk about each other’s experiences over cups of drinks.

These days we have friends who made wild adventurous dream in Pom-pom island. David Atthowe and Yusep “Pesuy” Sukmana, who formed a non-profit organisation on explorations to countries through walking. Yes, you did not mistaken, it is through walking. During their visit, they are on the way of walking 3500km across Borneo. This amazing passion and dream to raise awareness to protect beautiful Borneo touched my heart.

We appreciate the sharing of their experiences. Especially Yusep, who told me how he has started his love for nature and hiking, which is through his hometown. I can see his adoration towards the beauty of his homeland, made me evaluate how much do I truly love my country and the stunning beauty of this land, Malaysia.


Through loving our own homeland, then we can begin to embrace the culture and differences from all over the world. This is what I learn from you, Nomadic Lion. Your walk will definitely make a difference to whoever that comes your way.

Posted by : Patricia