I have always been fascinated bout the underwater world. It is a total different world than what we have on the land. In my blogs and journals, I have always find difficulty to describe my feeling looking into the enchanting world under the blues in Sabah. Eventually, I ended up telling my friend, this is like “Alice in the wonderland”.

When Alice travel to the land of unknown, there is thrill, there is adventure, there is joy and there is beauty. It is just like a package of new experience that we have never seen before. More than feeling scared, it is the thrill that makes people crazy about the sea. And I agree about it since the first day I jump into the Celebes Sea.

Many are curious about the blues of Sabah. Here is some small information that makes it all easier. Sabah is a state of Malaysia, in which covers the whole piece of land that you might be familiar with the term Kota Kinabalu, Tawau or Semporna. All these places are in the land of Sabah. Kota Kinabalu is the main city of Sabah, Tawau is a town just as Semporna. Semporna is a region in Sabah states, which include 80+ islands, where our Pom-pom Island is. So, if you want to come to Pom-pom, you need to go through jetty in Semporna. If Semporna is the name for the land, then Celebes is the name for the sea. Semporna islands are on the beautiful Celebes Sea.

What is it so amazing about this Celebes Sea? Why are the divers go crazy when hearing it? Well… you need to jump into one to know exactly why. As I said, I can never find words to best tell how beautiful and amazing the experience is. There have been days where I thought photos or pictures tell the tale. But it is like 2D compared with 5D experiences, it can never be sufficient to describe it. “The passion I have as instructor, is the push in my heart to tell people how amazing the experience it and they should try it. But it can never be enough by just using words.” I was once told by one of our instructors.

I started it all with snorkelling, and there my adventure begins. I have decided to take up the course of diving for the sake of plunging into the blue wonderland, rather than hearing from others, or seeing it through documentaries (in fact most of the tropical marine documentaries are taken from the Celebes Sea). As everyone does, I was interested into fishes, big creatures like octopus, squid, Rays, Eels etc. You name it, you got it. However, as time goes by, I realized that the magic lies behind the microorganism which hide in between the multi-coloured sea creatures. I started to enjoy my dive in a wondrous way. The art of diving, is not just appreciating part of it, but the whole unknown of the sea bed. You can never know what you will encounter in every dive. Pipe fishes, shrimp, colourful (and I mean it) nudibranchs, flatworms, tiny crabs, exotic frog fishes…… so much to see, so much to appreciate. Besides that, the sensation of complete tranquillity and relax brings you up a level compare with the best spa in the world. There are studies shows that it is because of the air that we use in the tank which causes that sensation. Whatever it is, it is a kind of awesome feeling which I say non on the land may compare.

I still find difficulties to describe. Yes, it is. But it will be a lost if any of you thinking about it and never try it. I love the sea, I love diving, and I would like to share this love with you. Come join us for this amazing adventure if you are curious about what I am talking about. Check on the days required to complete a course such as Open Water Course, which required four days at least. Book in advance, plan and arrange for the trip. I am sure, you will feel totally different once you try it.

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