” A Musical Journey ” Special Performance by TRIO D’ARTE


It was once said by Ludwig Van beethovan, “Art! Who comprehends her? With who can one consult concerning this great goddess?” Some said that the most ancient music started from imitating the sound of the nature, where the roaring sea, the whispering wind, the tranquil night leads us to express our deep down soul and spirit. This night, a beautiful encounter of music, appeared amidst our paradise of nature. It was such a breath taking combination. They were here with us, the famous musicians from Jesselton Philharmonic Orchestra. They brought more than just music, but the art of friendship, the songs of love and the driving passion in sharing dreams. They have so much to share that we regretted it lasted only for few hours.


This night, the flow of laughter, warmth, emotions…… how we wish the music never end.   Thank you TRIO D”ARTE !!!


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