A lovely couple from China


When I was told that we would have an old couple from China visiting our resort, it didn’t kind of sink into my heart about the fact of two elderly people is coming to stay in an island. The first impression was unforgettable when I welcome them at the jetty. Grandma said there is no need to hold her as she is strong enough to walk on her own. Looking at her and grandpa, I asked, “Are you here on your own?” and she answered with a smile, “Yes, we are!” I was amazed; to see Chinese old couple came all the way to an island in Sabah, all on their own!

This has not been one of the usual thing that Chinese old people will do. My heart was filled with awe. I praise them how brave they are and how in awe I was to see them. I can never forget the scene with them. Grandma asked me to take a picture for them on the beach. Instead of standing on the beach facing the camera as how people usually did, she asked me to take their picture when they are walking on the beach. “it looks more natural,” she said. And there they are, walking down the beach, feet in the wave, holding hands. I asked permission from the dear lady, to have their picture. I can’t help but to tell them how envy I was to see such romance between them. “Well, time is difficult in our young days. Now that we are old, child is grown up, we get the chance to find our romance again,” said the dear lady with a sweet smile.

How envy I was and words can’t describe the feeling of having them with us here in Pom-pom Island. It is an honor to be able to be part of their journey and such sweet encounter. I wish, they will have more of such beautiful memory to come.


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