Ilaria, Mrs Federica, Carla and Mr Mario went to Boheydulong trip

Carla’s Diary

It was my pleasure to accompany Mr Mario and his nice family to our neighbor Sabah Park . Although it was a rainy day, they have really enjoyed to spent few hours together around this such amazing place . We have been first to Mantabuan island where I went diving with Mr Mario, his daughter Ilaria e Ron our Dive Master. Meanwhile Mrs Federica has been snorkeling with our local guide and all of them were impressed to admire the beautiful coral garden. After I brought them to visit Boheydulong area which was amazing for them to see the crystal water and the tropical green hill. Before we left I showed them the conservations area of the sea shells and how the marine biologist helps this creature to grow and reproduce in this area. At the end it was a bit cold but we enjoyed to spend this trip together.

During the last night we had dinner together and after enjoyed eating lobster, Mitri made a special delicious pastries to entertain our Italian Ambassador and his family . Mitri knew very well how to care of our special guests.

Mr Mario and Ilaria have got the Open Water Diver licence. Ele was their personal Instructor and Ilaria can’t wait to make more diving with her…Congratulation for your great performance, we are waiting for you here in Pom Pom and let’s go diving again together, there are many places that we did not have time to show you.

Good bye to Mr Mario,Mrs Federica, and Ilaria. I hope all of you had a memorable time with us, on behalf of all staff I would like to say a big thank you for choosing Pom Pom Island resort for your holiday. See you again!!!