Coral Frame Cleaning


4 November 2012, 3PM Yesterday our Pom Pom Resort staff Maison Tan Richards, Eleonora Cardinali and Jason Kueh were participates with the coral frame cleaning at our Pom Pom Housereef.

It took about 60 minutes to complete the cleaning process. Even though we were quite tired but we believe our effort was pay off because It was amazing when we saw the corals are growing up faster than what we expected it.

Hopefully in future more people will contribute to our coral restoration program!




4 Novembre 2012

Ieri a Pom Pom Island Resort, il nostro staff: Maison Tan Richards, Eleonora Cardinali e Jason Kueh, hanno partecipato alla pulizia delle nostre strutture di riabilitazione di corallo.

Ci sono voluti ben 60 minuti per pulire le due strutture, ma il nostro lavoro e’ stato ripagato nel vedere come i coralli stanno crescendo molto velocemente!

Speriamo in futuro di coinvolgere piu’persone a contribuire al nostro Programma di riabilitazione del Corallo!


昨日下午,我们邦邦岛的职员Maison Tan Richards, Eleonora Cardinali 和Jason Kueh 在我们邦邦岛的 HouseReef 进行珊瑚框架清理工作。这项清理工作需要花上60分钟才完成。虽然清理珊瑚框架有点累,可是能看到我们自己繁殖的珊瑚成长的比喻期还要快,我们所有的努力都没有白费。希望未来会有更多的人来参与我们的珊瑚移植活动。

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