Kelly Campbell adopt a Hawksbill Turtle nest that hatch on the 2nd September 2012. Out of 145 eggs, 141 turns to babies and only for didn’t make it. It was a very good hatching success which is 97%.

It started when we release it on the 2nd September afternoon in front of the Kampung House since it was a high tide. All the 141 hatchlings very energetic crawling back to the sea and lots of fans taking pictures including Kelly herself. Me myself manage to take nice picture of 1 of the hatchling.

141 Hawksbill Turtle!

Good luck baby!!

Kelly Adopted a Hawksbill Turtle & she named it ‘SQUIRT’. Now adays, the status of Hawksbill Turtle is Critically Endangered and Kelly choose to be part of the solution by put an effort on saving them.

Kelly Campbell!

Kelly with her Mom!

Thank you Kelly, hope to see you soon.. Pom Pom always waiting for you!