Last week on the 3rd of September, the supporting father & daughter join the Pom Pom Coral Restoration Program by planting Corals on Coral Frame number 2.

Gian Luca!

Ana Cristina!

Both of them were really good in planting the corals. Anna Cristina doing the coral measurement whiles her father Gian Luca cut the excessive cable tie.Before end the dive, we visit the 2 bundles of tyre that successful inhibit many kinds of living organisms. We saw ornate ghost pipefish, leaf fish, bumphead parrotfish, hinge beak shrimp, banded boxer shrimp, nudibranch, sea turtles and many more!

Congratulation for both of them by being part of the solution by supporting the Pom Pom Conservation & Restoration Efforts in Pom Pom island Resort.

They did it!