On 1st November, WWF-Malaysia, WWF-Indonesia & Sabah Wildlife Department visited Pom Pom Island resort for the Advisory and Monitoring Programme of Turtle Conservation in Pom Pom Island. This Turtle Advisory Group and Monitoring Programme visit is one of the strategies identified for turtle conservation in the northeast islands including Pom Pom Island.

This field visit objectives is to monitored Pom Pom islands, which includes patrolling of nesting beach, visit turtle hatchery, discuss and provide recommendations on improving monitoring and discuss about matter arise in Pom Pom. In the end of the visits, objectives been achieved and some recommendation, new ideas and inputs been shared. Pom Pom Island as developing Eco-Tourism Resort was very thankful for the visits and support given from government (SWD) and WWF-Malaysia & WWF-Indonesia in efforts to improve Turtle Conservation Programme in Pom Pom Island.