Last night after a very heavy rainfall at 2am, Rayner checked on our turtle nests and found our first turtle nest for this season had hatched.  We had seen the sand drop the day before, so we all had been monitoring the nest, waiting for signs of  life.   At 2.30am the babies were digging their way to the surface, and by 3am Rayner had released them on to the beach for them to run down to the sea.  As it was so late, (or so early)  unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to share this special moment with our guests, but Rayner said it was a lovely sight to witness, and that they were all very healthy.

We would like to thank Paul and Gail from Manchester, UK, who were the sponsors of our first nest of the season.  It was a very successful hatch, from 93 eggs, we had 86 very healthy babies.