A big thank you to Ms.Gail & Mr.Paul & Mr.Keith who have very kindly sponsored our turtle nest which have been transferred to hatchery on 23.March. This latest nest is green turtle eggs, they will hatch in about 60 days.  We want to thank you all very much for your kind support and look forward to sending you the pictures of the baby turtles when they are born.

23日にハッチャリーへ移送した海亀の巣へスポンサー寄付をくださったゲイルさん・ポールさん・キースさんへビッグ・サンキュー! 先日ハッチャリーへ移送したのはアオウミガメの卵。約60日以内に孵化する予定。 赤ちゃん海亀が生まれたら写真を撮って送るのが楽しみだわ。