Just 10 minutes ago, 2 Green Turtle nests in our hatchery have just hatched out.  Very punctual tonight, as they were found on the same day, and the nests both hatched only a few minutes apart.  We saw the sand drop down in the first nest, not much happened for about 20 minutes, then suddenly, they were off!  At the same time, the sand dropped in the second nest, and these babies were also keen to be in the sea as soon as possible.  We were very happy for all our guests including our Korea family and for our Italian Honeymoon couple to see our baby turtles running into the sea.


We also want to give a big thank Mr Christian who sponsored one of our nests, this helps us to fund our Turtle work with the staff, plus many other Conservation projects here at Pom Pom Island Resort.   The totals for the nests, was 89 eggs and 80 babies, and the second nest was 96 eggs and 77 babies, all of which were Green Turtles.