~Sally’s Diary~ 28.February

Yunus is impressing our guests with his turtle walks.  Most evenings, weather and tide permitting, we make turtle patrols around our island.  Our guests are very welcome to join us and see if they are lucky enough to find a female turtle looking to lay her eggs.  It is very important not to disturb her whilst she is in the process of digging her nest and we brief our guests on the correct procedure for this.  This evening our guests from Denmark joined Yunus, the season is still just beginning, but I hope that they may have a sighting!

~サリーの日記~ 2月28日


Yunus is patrolling with Raymond

Yunus is patrolling with Raymond

~Sally’s Diary~ 8.March

Yunus was kept very busy the other night, we are in the process of increasing our turtle patrols at Pom Pom Island and we are also inviting our guests to accompany us in the evenings to help spot any tracks or signs of turtle activity.  The other night there were signs of green turtle tracks, but no egg laying unfortunately.  The guests are advised on how to behave if they are lucky enough to witness a turtle laying eggs.  It is very important to stay quiet and not go close to the turtle, if she is disturbed while making her nest to lay the eggs, she may return to the sea.  Yunus walked the island with the guests which was a lovely moonlit night, so bright that torches were not necessary.  Afterwards, our guests went to the jetty to look down and watch the turtles feeding on our sea grass meadows.



Yunus & Raymond found turtle track

Yunus & Raymond found turtle track

Good Job !!! / Pom Pom Trutle Patroller Yunus & Raymond

Good Job !!! / Pom Pom Turtle Patrolmen Yunus & Raymond