~Sally’s Diary~

Sally went with the WWF to their training session on 28.Feb for learning to survey the sea grass at Mataking Island.  Its very important part of our eco system which needs to be monitored, for without it, the turtles and many other life forms would suffer.  We need the sea grass to be healthy here so that the turtles can flourish.



Sally Seagrass1

The meeting started with a presentation by Gavin Jolis and Nina Ho from WWF explaining the importance and the different types of sea grass.  It was then discussed for the correct method for carrying out the survey and the information needed to be able to keep accurate records.  The surveys should be carried out every 3-4 months to be effective.


Sally Seagrass3

The training then took place first of all on land, where we practiced laying out the line and setting up our survey squares.  We then went to the beach and set up our survey lines for real.  It was very interesting checking out what type of grasses we had found and there were a few arguments on which ones they were.  The basic method was laying out a line of 50 meters and then checking every 5 meters a 50cm section.  We took photos and measured the lenght and condition of the grasses.  It was rather hot, so some us got a little sunburnt, but it didn’t take too long to finish.

When we finished, we had lunch and then there was a formal presentation of our certificates.  It was all very informative, and we look forward to carrying the survey out soon in Pom Pom.


Sally Seagrass2