~Sally’s Diary~

On the 23rd of February, we hosted the WWF Adessium meeting on behalf of Gavin Jolis, the meeting was attended by Dato Panglima and his daugher, Nino Ho, WWF, Jan Versteegh WWF Netherlands, Ken Kassem, (WWF),Dr Arun Venkataraman, WWF Malaysia, Sharon Ng Lay Har, WWF Malaysia, Angela Lim Lee Hee, WWF Malaysia , Pieter Stemerding and Rogier Van der Weerd, Adessium Foundation, Mr Luke Cox, the Resort Manager from Mataking along with Amelia, the marine biologist, Chief Inspector Mathew, Chief Inspector Mohd. Irwanshah from the PGA and Major Muhd Zarreri from the Army along with Michelle, Andy and Sally representing Sipadan Pom Pom Island.




The meeting started after refreshments with a tour of our hatchery and the beach near our Beach Villas where everyone was able to mix informally and ask questions as necessary, the Pom Pom Beach Patrollers, Yunus and Noah were also available to share their knowledge and experience of the hatchery and relocating the turtle eggs.  We discussed the nesting sites for the turtles and the best methods for protection and helping people become more educated for the turtles.  After that, we all sat down for a buffet lunch, after which was a presentation by Gavin showing what had been achieved by Mataking and ourselves regarding the hatcheries in the area, along with the Timba Timba hatchery, and the one at Pandanan.  The problems effecting the turtles were discussed, along with other methods still needed to help the turtles, such as long line fishing.



When the presentation had finished, the guests then went snorkelling to inspect the reefs for about 30 minutes, we all then went to Mataking, for guests to either experience more snorkelling or to dive and inspect the reefs at deeper levels.  The representatives on behalf of the Adessium had an informative but enjoyable day on both the islands, and we hope that they will be able to tell their colleagues in the Netherlands about our efforts and hard work regarding the turtles.