~Sally’s Diary~

Sally has been very happy this week, as my parents have been able to travel to Sipadan Pom Pom Island and see where I work on our lovely island.  The weather has been really good, nice sunny days with a soft sea breeze, we went snorkelling to Mantabuan and saw many types of sea life, I think the best part for my parents though, was walking on the jetty at night, watching the stars and hearing the sea turtles come up to breathe, one night we saw 7 under the jetty along with Lionfish, batfish and stingrays.  My parents are very keen birdwatchers so after this they are visiting the jungles.  I should hopefully soon have a list of some the birds that you can see on Pom Pom Island as well soon.





We celebrated Sally’s Birthday on 8.February !

Happy Birthday, Sally !!!

Happy Birthday, Sally !!!