This is  “Pandanus” (Pandanaceae), there are many natural pandanus trees here in Pom Pom.

The fruit looks similar to Pineapple,but it is quite different …Dictionary describes coconut crab eat this fruit, and we can see bat eating this fruit as well in pom pom island.

Leaves of this tree looks like “pom pon” for cheerleader item, so we call “pom pom tree ” among our staff(^O^)

写真は英語でPandanus 日本語名は阿壇(タコノキ科)といって、ここポンポン島にたくさん自生しております。



It’s very hot today ! and sea is calm,good for diving…

いや~。。それにしても今日は暑かったーー(;^_^A   そして、海も静かでまさにダイビング日和。

Diving Group

Diving Boat

And, we have a tea time at every afternoon. Today’s dessert is the Dornut cooked by Daisy (kitchen staff).Her Dornut tastes nice,and we also loves her dornut !




Staff also loves her dornut !

Chiemi also loves it !

Rony as well ☆