I/We, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge, confirm and affirm that I/we have been fully informed and advised of the inherent or potential risks and hazards incidental to the tour package of which I/we have purchased with your company known as (“The said tour”) which I/we intend/s to voluntarily assume at my/our own risk participate and/or going to participate and take part thereto.

I/We hereby acknowledge, confirm, agree and affirm that Sipadan Pom Pom Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd. (“the said Company”) shall not be held liable to me/us in whatsoever way and howsoever arising, whether foreseeable or not, in respect of any harm, accidents, personal injuries and/or deaths or other untoward accidents or incidents suffered, sustained or incurred by us in connection with the said tour and my/our participation of the same including any loss and/or damage howsoever arising that may be incurred or suffered by us.

I/We for myself/ourselves or through my/our estate, personal representatives, executors, heirs or assigns in whatsoever capacity hereby irrevocably disclaim, waive and release the said Company and/or its employees, servants or agents or howsoever from any claim whatsoever and howsoever arising in connection with or incidental to the said tour.

I/We further state and declare that I/we am/are of full age and capacity and that I/we fully understand/s the contents of this Letter of Disclaimer, Waiver and Release and that I/we has/have voluntarily of my/our own free will executed and signed this Letter of Disclaimer, Waiver and Release without any coercion or undue influence.

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