Hawksbill Turtle Release

Yesterday, we had another large batch of baby turtles arrive, this time we had Hawksbill baby turtles with a good hatch rate of 121 out of 128 eggs!  All were released as soon as it was dark with help from our lovely guests who walked down the beach with us to a suitable location away [...]

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Dragon Fruit

Now is the Dragon Fruit season at Pom Pom Island.  We grow this large and unusual fruit in our gardens close to the kitchen for our guests to enjoy.  The purple fruit as a light and delicate taste and is best served cut in half and eaten with a spoon.  Chiemi san has been helping [...]

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BBQ Night

Yesterday evening for Dinner, Pom Pom Restaurant held another successful BBQ for our guests.  There was grilled chicken and fish, beef kebabs, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, plus many, many others tasty things to eat.  For sweet, Dimitri, our pastry chef was preparing freshly made crepes for the guests with a selection of toppings.  [...]

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Sabah Parks Visit

Gavin from WWF and Sabah Wildlife Department came this morning to Pom Pom Island to inspect our 2 hatcheries and check that everything we are doing is correct for the protection and conservation of the Turtles in our area. We are pleased to report that all went well, with some helpful suggestions and new forms [...]

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Baby Turtles born

Mr Kurt sponsored Green Turtle nest eggs hatched 2 nights ago at 9pm. We had a very good hatch rate, out of 111 eggs, we had 106 baby turtles, all very fit and racing to get to the sea. The guests staying with us were able to watch the babies being released on the beach [...]

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WWF at Kalapuan Island

Yesterday morning, Carla and myself went to visit Kalapuan Island having been invited by WWF to join them for a education and awareness session with the local children for Turtle Conservation and to judge a sand castle shaped like a turtle competition. The local villagers gave us a very warm welcome and it was great [...]

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Thank you to our latest Turtle nest Sponsors

Thank you very much to young Sofie and Aksel from Norway, who, with the help of their parents have chosen a Green Turtle Nest, laid on the 4th of July 2010 to sponsor. We want to thank you all very much for your kind support and look forward to sending you the pictures of the [...]

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We want to give a big Welcome to Thomas, our new Food and Beverage Manager, Thomas has worked in many previous restaurants and resorts in Kula Lumpar, Singapore, Sarawak, Kota Kinabalu and New Zealand and so brings a wealth of experience to Pom Pom Island Resort. Tomas has many new ideas to implement including New [...]

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Lovely Birthday Surprise!

Aldo from Italy had a nice birthday surprise at Pom Pom Island, first of all, his daughter had brought him a special birthday cake and his wife, Maria, had sponsored the latest turtle nest on his behalf. Aldo and Maria had been with our Turtle Patrol the night before, and had witnessed a green turtle [...]

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