28 09, 2014


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I have always been fascinated bout the underwater world. It is a total different world than what we have on the land. In my blogs and journals, I have always find difficulty to describe my feeling looking into the enchanting world under the blues in Sabah. Eventually, I ended up telling my friend, this is [...]

27 09, 2014

The true Nomads

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To be in tourism industry, friends, are what we make every day. There is no such joy compares with encountering friends who share the same dreams and compassion, or to just sit down and talk about each other’s experiences over cups of drinks. These days we have friends who made wild adventurous dream in Pom-pom [...]

25 08, 2014

Round the west

By |August 25th, 2014|Categories: Liveaboard, Recreation|

Liveaboard tour is a hot activity among Pom Pom Guests  ! The tour on 21 Aug was " Round the west "  this is a perfect route for enjoying  the both scenes of the Dynamic panorama view of Boheydulong Island and lovely small islands of Mantabuan and Sibuan islands which are  rich in the tropical [...]

13 08, 2014

Surprise Birthday

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  Tonight we celebrated surprise birthday for our Italian guest Mr. Silvestrini Ivano. This secrete event was perfectly planned by his wife Ms. Guallini Paolo. We hope you enjoy staying with us in this paradise island!!.... Posted By Jussry Happy Birthday Mr. Silvestrini Ivano!!.....

10 08, 2014

Round the celebes sea… by Putri Pompom Liveaboard

By |August 10th, 2014|Categories: Liveaboard, Recreation|

Here we come again with our new classical,tradition and adventure putri pompom live onboard ! We offer you such a great memorable and unforgettable adventure by cruising within 1day which  you can choose two different packages diving and non diving.  Half day cruise is also available which  includes 1 session of snorkelling. The sunset cruise is suitable for [...]

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